Terms and Conditions

All programs are under auspice of LeadU, LLC of Tucson, Arizona.

Scheduling a Webinar or Virtual Training

All webinars and virtual trainings will be scheduled on dates and at times conducive to the availability of both the presenter and the registrant. Personal or digital communication between LeadU, LLC or any of its presenters does not constitute a commitment of holding a date if the registration form and payment have not been received. Rescheduling a webinar or virtual training is permitted with the consent of both parties.


Webinars are either 1 hour, 90 minutes, or 2 hours, depending on the selection by the registrant.

Virtual trainings are 1 hour at a time. Registrants can re-register for multiple training sessions.

Delay of any webinar or virtual training by more than 10 minutes beyond the scheduled start time may necessitate rescheduling, unless both the presenter and registrant agree to a late start and end to the program.

Technology and Tech Support

All webinars  and virtual trainings will be hosted on Zoom or similar platform provided by the presenter (for up to 98 participants). Registrants who prefer a different platform or plan to have an audience of more than 98 participants who will be tuning in from personal devices (and upon consent of LeadU, LLC) may opt to host the webinar or virtual training through their account on their selected platform. 

Registrants are required to provide their own on-site technology (computer, screen, login to platform, audio speakers, microphones if needed, etc.) and on-site tech support. LeadU, LLC will not be responsible for any technology-related setup or issues at the registrant’s site or any individual participant’s site.


All webinars and virtual trainings must be pre-paid, unless other arrangements have been made. Pre-payment must occur in the calendar year of the broadcast date of the webinar or virtual training.

A 3% online registration credit card transaction fee will be added to the registration fee.

Product Versus Service

Onsite speaking engagements and training sessions have traditionally been set up by acquiring a W9 from the presenter, hiring that person as a “contractor” or “vendor,” and issuing non-employee compensation. And, at the end of the year, the non-employee would receive a 1099 form from the contracting organization.

However, virtual speaking (webinars) and training sessions (virtual trainings) are taxed as “products” or “goods” under the category of “Live Digital Online Educational Services,” the same designation given to an online conference or event.

Do I Issue a 1099?

No. This is because the webinar or virtual training is considered a “product” and falls under the category of “Live Digital Online Educational Services.” In order to be classified as such, the event must meet at least one of the following:

  • Course or seminar is presented live (in real-time) in a virtual setting
  • Participants can connect with the presenter in real-time in a virtual setting
  • An actual human evaluates the participants (in the event of grading needs for a course)

But, I Thought We Hired a Contractor?

While you may have coordinated directly with the presenter on logistics related to the webinar or virtual training, the presenter is not a contractor nor a vendor of your organization. That person is a representative from LeadU, LLC where you purchased the webinar or virtual training. If a 1099 needs to be issued to the presenter, it will be done from LeadU, LLC.

*Please note that neither LeadU, LLC nor its presenters will complete vendor paperwork or submit a W9.

Do I Have to Pay Sales Tax?

No. Typically, tangible products sold online (like a physical book or a t-shirt) are subject to sales tax, added to the cost for the purchaser to pay. However, virtual event revenue up to $100,000 annually is exempt from taxes in most states. In the event there is a sales tax levied, LeadU, LLC will make payment; not the purchaser.

How Do We Pay?

You will pay online with a credit or debit card through the webinar registration portal. Alternative methods of payment are available. However, payment must be received prior to the webinar.


Webinars that are paid for may be rescheduled within 3 months of the original broadcast date. Rescheduling after 3 months may warrant a price difference in the event the pricing for webinars has changed.

Cancellations (not rescheduled webinars) made on behalf of the registrant will be refunded minus any credit card refund transaction fees imposed by the credit card processor.

Cancellations by either LeadU, LLC or the registrant for major reasons outside of their control (significant or prohibitive weather-related issues, travel delays, illness or injury, government mandated policies, etc.) may occur up and until the start time of the program. If this should occur, the cancelling party will notify the other party immediately to reschedule the webinar, and any costs incurred with reversing the credit card charge for a refund will be incurred by both parties equally.

All registration cancellations and rescheduling requests must be submitted to corey.seemiller@juno.com.

Intellectual and Physical Property

All materials, ideas, and activities developed and/or designed related to the program are expressly owned by LeadU, LLC. Presentation content, presentation slides, curriculum, activities, and materials used during the virtual program may not be replicated or used in whole or in part by program registrants. Copies of slides or slide notes will not be provided to the registrant.

Video and audio recording are not permitted. Online streaming to other organizational-related entities may be permitted with prior consent from LeadU, LLC.

Copyright and Marketing

The Gen Z Speaker, Student Leadership Competencies, and LeadU, LLC names and logos are not to be used without written permission from LeadU, LLC.

For a digital copy of the program media kit, please contact corey.seemiller@juno.com.