MK Publishing

In 2017, my then 8-year old daughter and I decided to write a book together based on the antics of our new cat, Phoenix. What began as a project ended with an actual publication.  From that point on, we started coming up with ideas of things that matter to us. But, instead of just thinking about them, we developed them. After the book came card games and then apparel. In 2020, we launched MonkeyKitty Publishing inspired by our beloved kitty, Monkey.  While there is no real theme to our creations, we know one thing…they highlight what is important to us, and maybe others will find these creations fun, useful, or even inspiring.

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Our creations are outlined below. More information about MonkeyKitty Publishing and these products can be found on our website,

This 40-page award-winning illustrated book shares the story of Fenix and her friends as her curiosity leads her into adventures. Aside from the fun and sweet storyline, this book is unique in that all the illustrations have been created by the 8 year-old co-author!

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This interactive card deck has players mix it up with rotating discussion topics on a variety of subjects. Make it a discussion or turn it into a game! Four versions available: Original, Adult, Junior, and Mini.

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Rank the Blank is a fun and unique game that gets you pondering, talking, and guessing each others’ opinion. Players draw a card, fill in the blank with a topic of their choice, and everyone ranks how much they agree. Discover something new about yourself and learn how others’ views align with yours.

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Located in Tucson, Arizona, Tumamoc Hill is an ancient space with an amazing history. Learn more here about Tumamoc Hill. From t-shirts to sweatshirts and caps to mugs, get your Tumamoc apparel here!

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