We are proud to share Fenix: The Fearless Feline, our first book born through MonkeyKitty Publishing.

Fenix’s adventures always seem to lead to CATastrophe. But, her curiosity isn’t all bad as she manages to keep things interesting while saving the day!


“Fenix was a black and white tuxedo kitty with a tail so fluffy that it could dust every piece of furniture in the house…Fenix was a very curious kitty. She liked to walk on the kitchen counter, swat very important things under the couch, and sneak quickly through a cracked-open door. Her little pink nose made her so cute that no one really got upset with all of her mischief.” ~Fenix: The Fearless Feline

Fenix was inspired by our real kitty, Phoenix, who we adopted from Eat, Purr, Love, a cat cafe in Columbus, Ohio. We fell in love with her the moment we met…and the rest is history. While the real Phoenix is a bit curious, she is not really mischievous at all. She is always up for chin rubs, scratches behind her ears, and a good cuddle!


“Ollie was a quiet, playful, black cat. He never got into any trouble and was always looking for a good belly rub.” ~Fenix: The Fearless Feline

Ollie was actually inspired by our two former kitties, Monkey and Ollie. Monkey was a black cat who always wanted belly rubs, while Ollie was a brown tabby cat who was actually quite mischievous! We loved both kitties so much that we wanted to make a character that reflected both of them.

Kacey and Lacey

Kacey’s character was inspired by Kacey, the co-author and illustrator. Kacey was 8 years-old when she worked on the book and wanted a character that reflected her experience spending time with her two kitties (Ollie and Phoenix) during the summer. While the storyline isn’t real, Kacey’s character represents her experience and outlook on the world.

Lacey’s character was developed to serve as Kacey’s best friend. The joke in our house is that Kacey has a long-lost twin sister named Lacey that she has never met. We often say that Lacey is very much like Kacey and also loves kitties. So, the real Kacey decided that her best friend in the story had to be Lacey!