Connection Reflection

Connection Reflection includes a series of game decks used for discussion. Each version includes 34 question cards and 34 action cards that can be paired together for unique takes on different topics. Use for discussion or play as a game. There are six different activities that can be done using each deck. Click here for the Connection Reflection Rulebook.

The original version includes questions and topics appropriate for any age group. Topics include:

  • Getting a pet
  • Going on road trip
  • Cooking a new recipe


The Mini is designed to be played with little kids around elementary school age. The topics and the questions are developmentally designed just for them (and their families to play too). Topics include:

  • Making a new friend
  • Sharing
  • Performing in front of others


The Junior version is structured similarly to the Mini in the fact that the topics are specifically designed for middle and high school aged kids (and their families). Topics include:

  • Trying out for a team or role
  • Helping someone in need
  • Expressing your individuality


The Adult version includes topics designed specifically for an older audience. While not too “adult,” the topics are based on real issues that adults discuss that might not be appropriate for kids. We were super conscientious to make sure the Adult version did not contain any racist, sexist, inappropriate, insulting, or disparaging topics. Topics include:

  • Going on a blind date
  • Doing a side gig
  • Posting political beliefs on social media


Rank the Blank

Rank the Blank is a fun and unique game that gets you pondering, talking, and guessing each others’ opinion. Players draw a card, fill in the blank with a topic of their choice, and everyone ranks how much they agree. Discover something new about yourself and learn how others’ views align with yours. Prompts include:

  • _____ is something that is ridiculous
  • _____ is something everyone should try at least once
  • _____ is a great way to volunteer