Leadership Education

Corey at LEA

Dr. Seemiller is a seasoned leadership educator teaching students in and out of the classroom. She has designed more than twenty different for credit classes on topics such as foundations of leadership, social justice, emotional intelligence, research methods, and social change, and facilitates workshops and seminars around the country on a variety of topics. Dr. Seemiller is also involved in the training and development of leadership educators. Her research and publications on understanding leadership educator identity have helped shape the conversation about professional identity and development for the field of leadership education.

LEA LogoIn 2012, Dr. Seemiller and Dr. Dan Jenkins created the Leadership Education Academy. Their vision was to create an immersive Institute that covered the content and pedagogy of leadership education. They partnered with the International Leadership Association and offered the Leadership Education Academy in 2015, 2017, and 2019, with an additional team of eight prominent leadership educators. Dr. Seemiller and Dr. Jenkins served as the co-chairs for all three events. In addition to her work with the Leadership Education Academy. Dr. Seemiller served as the co-chair for the National Leadership Symposium, a gathering of leadership educators and scholars to discuss critical topics in the field. She is also involved in training leadership educators through her facilitation of sessions at the International Leadership Association, Lead365, Leadership Educators Institute, NASPA, and ACPA. Dr. Seemiller is also an associate editor with the Journal of Leadership Studies.