Leadership Tools and Games

Two years ago, I began working with Kathy Guthrie from Florida State University to explore how we could make the planning and development of leadership education both intentional and fun! We ended up creating a tool called the Trailblazer, which is a deck of cards that can be used for designing, planning, and assessing leadership learning and development. Our other goal was to make one tool that educators and trainers could use to conduct a variety of leadership exercises, and we wanted that tool to be affordable and versatile. We did just that! Our Voyager card deck can be used to facilitate 13 different fun and engaging card games to help learners understand, reflect on, and apply concepts of leadership. Use with youth, college students, and professionals.


The Voyager Deck includes 6 subdecks of cards, all designed to work interchangeably for a variety of individual strategy, reflection, and competitive team activities. Subdecks include Leadership Theories, Student Leadership Competencies®, Reflection Questions, Situations, Events, and Discussion Prompts.


Help learners engage in leadership learning, reflection, and application


Individual Strategy ActivitiesReflection ActivitiesCompetitive Team Activities
4-Word DefinitionsDilemmasWhat is
Leadership ListsReflectDon’t Say It
You DecideHistorical Events
Make Your CaseStrengths and Weaknesses
What Would You Do?Impactful Events
Leadership Thoughts

*The activities in the Voyager deck vary in terms of maximum participant numbers per deck. It is suggested that you download the Instructions to learn more about the activities to determine the number of decks to order.

The Trailblazer Deck includes five subdecks of cards for use in a variety of exercises. Subdecks include Leadership Learning Framework, Leadership Theories, Student Leadership Competencies®, Instructional Strategies, and Assessment Domains.

Develop intentional, meaningful, and measurable leadership development experiences


Designing and Planning ExerciseStrengths and Gaps Exercise
Prioritization ExerciseAssessment Exercise

To purchase, go to drivethrucards.com and type Voyager or Trailblazer into the search bar.

*Please note that ADA accessible PDF versions of the cards may be purchased directly through GPS. Email: gpseducationaltools@gmail.com for more information.