Discovering the Leader Within

Discovering the Leader Within blends my work with the Student Leadership Competencies and Generation Z into an interactive, self-reflective workbook for young people to develop self-leadership skills. Teens can complete the interactive exercises on their own, or instructors, facilitators, youth group leaders, and/or coaches can incorporate it into their programs, courses, trainings, and/or initiatives.



Leadership Education Tools

Trailblazer Tool

Drive-Thru Cards

The Trailblazer Tool aims to assist educators in designing and planning leadership learning and development initiatives. The Trailblazer Tool includes five subdecks of cards for use in a variety of exercises. Purchase here.

Leadership Educator Identity

Exploring and Enhancing Leader, Educator, and Leadership Educator Professional Identities

New Directions for Student Leadership, Issue 164, p.. 71-86.

This article highlights the intersections of educator, leader, and leadership educator identities and practices to enhance and clarify professional identity development.



Past Experiences, Present Beliefs, Future Practices: Using Narratives to Re(present) Leadership Educator Identity 

Journal of Leadership Education, Volume 17, Issue 1, pp. 93-113.

This article provides an overview of a qualitative study that utilizes an analysis of narratives to describe how leadership educators make meaning of their professional identity.


Leadership Educator Journeys: Expanding a Model of Leadership Educator Professional Identity Development

Journal of Leadership Education, Volume 16, Issue 2, pp. 1-22.

This article showcases a qualitative study using stories from participants of a professional leadership educator development experience. Findings from the study build on the Leadership Educator Professional Identity Development (LEPID) conceptual model.


The Hidden “Who” in Leadership Education: Conceptualizing Leadership Educator Professional Identity Development

Journal of Leadership Education, Volume 14, Issue 3, pp. 132-151.

This article highlights the development of a model for leadership educator professional identity development in which an individual can move forward and backward through the model as a result of both ongoing influences and positive or negative critical incidents.

Leadership and Instruction

Leadership Theory: Facilitator’s Guide for Cultivating Critical Perspectives

Leadership Theory: Facilitator’s Guide for Cultivating Critical Perspectives Chapter 5 provides an overview of leadership theories of production and effectiveness through a critical lens with a specific focus on styles.



Moving Students to Deeper Learning in Leadership

Journal of Leadership Education, Volume 16, Issue 4, pp. 40-59.

This article showcases research findings on student leadership learning and presents recommendations for moving students from surface to strategic, and then strategic to deeper learning in leadership education. 

Curbing Digital Distractions in the Classroom

Contemporary Education Technology, Volume 8, Issue 3, pp. 214-231.

This article showcases the findings from a study of how undergraduate students in an Organizational Leadership program use their personal digital devices during class for non-course related activity.



Impacting Social Change Through Service Learning in an Introductory Leadership Course

Journal of Leadership Education, Volume 5, Issue 2, pp. 41-49.

This article outlines the practices of an introductory leadership course at the University of Arizona and highlights the lasting impacts of the social change process throughout the course.


Power, Credibility, and Legitimacy: Student Affairs and College Instruction

Power, Credibility, and Legitimacy showcases the experiences that student affairs professionals have and the strategies they use in implementing and coordinating leadership courses in academic units on college campuses.