Dr. Seemiller developed the Student Leadership Competencies® from five years of research analyzing learning outcomes in all 522 accredited academic programs in higher education. The results: 60 essential leadership competencies for the 21st century. Use the Student Leadership Competencies® as a framework to develop a program or course, infuse meaningful competency-based activities into the curriculum, assess competency learning and development, and help students reflect and apply their learning in future academic, professional, and life contexts.


Speaking Topics

Design, Showcase, and Assess: A Competency-Based Approach to Leadership Development

What do students need to know, believe, be able to do, and engage in to be effective leaders in college, in their careers, and in society? This session overviews how to engage in program design, curriculum, assessment, and recognition using the Student Leadership Competencies.

Program Design

Designing Intentional Leadership Development Experiences. Program design is the first step in using the Student Leadership Competencies and involves selecting competencies, aligning competencies with curriculum, creating buy-in, fostering partnerships, and branding and marketing your program. The following are resources and ideas to help you in the program design process.

Curriculum Development

Curriculum, Content, and Activities to Develop Leadership Capacity. In designing competency-based curriculum, it is important to select a process that works for what you are trying to achieve as well as what your existing resources are. In integrating competencies into the curriculum, it is essential to consider whether you want to infuse them into the content or the pedagogy or both. 


Tips, Tricks, and Tools to Measure Leadership Development. Assessing competencies does not have to be overwhelming, intimidating, or time-consuming. There are many pre-designed measurements, best practices, and instructions on data interpretation that can help you in measuring competency development and proficiency.


Recognizing Student Leadership Competency Development. It is important to be intentional about program design, curriculum development, and assessment when instituting competencies. However, the fourth component of the Student Leadership Competencies program is recognition, which involves setting up systems and programs that acknowledge students for their competency development.

Session Types

Training Presentations

Dr. Seemiller can present any of the above topics for professional trainings and conferences.

Action Planning Sessions

This highly interactive action planning session encourages participants to discuss and strategize how to implement policies, programs, and practices that incorporate the Student Leadership Competencies®. For this session, participants are often divided into groups by department, program, or functional job role. 

Q & A Discussions

Dr. Seemiller is available to do a Q & A session, either one on one or on a panel, on Student Leadership Competencies®.

Customized Sessions

Dr. Seemiller can also customize sessions to address specific areas of interest.

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