Generation Z SpeakerDr. Corey Seemiller, Generation Z speaker, researcher, and demographer, offers her profound speaking expertise both in-person and virtually. She can be booked for the following speaking engagements: Keynote presentations, breakout sessions, topical discussion sessions, action planning sessions, book club discussions, question and answer sessions. Dr. Seemiller can also offer customized speaking sessions.* Her topics range from understanding Generation Z to teaching Generation Z. She also offers sessions for those in Generation Z to better understand and work with other generations.

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Speaking Topics

Who is Generation Z? 

Dr. Seemiller presents an insightful, transformational, and engaging one-hour presentation on understanding the perspectives, styles, and characteristics of Generation Z. Her popular “Who is Generation Z?” keynote has been given around the country at institutions, conferences, and special events.

Generation Z and Community Engagement

Responsible. Social Change Minded. Politically Disconnected. Entrepreneurial. Learn about Generation Z, born 1995-2010, and how their unique beliefs, motivations, concerns, and practices shape the way they interact with and contribute to their communities.

Engaging Generation Z in Meaningful Learning

The interests, motivations, styles, and needs of Generation Z are vastly different than their Millennial counterparts and require us to educate in new and unique ways. Learn methods for enhancing your teaching while maximizing Generation Z’s learning.

Recruiting Generation Z Students

We have to do more than just build it for them to come. Learn tips and strategies to outreach, recruit, and admit Generation Z students to college.

Getting Generation Z Involved and Engaged on Campus

Generation Z has different motivations, interests, and passions than Millennials, yet we still use our same old tricks to try to get them engaged on campus. Learn how to design engagement opportunities, programming, and leadership experiences to get those Gen Zers involved!

Navigating the World as a Gen Zer

Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and now…Gen Z. This presentation is designed for Generation Z students to learn some tips and strategies on how to best learn from, work for, and build relationships with those in other generations.

Session Types

Keynote Presentations

Dr. Seemiller can present any of the above topics as a keynote for conferences and events.

Breakout Sessions

Any of the above topics can also be delivered as breakout sessions as a part of a conference or larger event. These sessions can also be delivered as follow-up presentations to any keynote.

Topical Discussions

Based on topics of interest, participants will break into small discussion groups for deeper discussion of implications. Topics may include developing co-curricular programs, recruiting students, crafting meaningful assignments, communicating effectively, supporting healthy lifestyles, etc. Topical discussions are designed to follow the keynote presentation.

Action Planning Sessions

This highly interactive action planning session encourages participants to discuss and strategize how to implement policies, programs, and practices that support Generation Z. For this session, participants are often divided into groups by department, program, or functional job role. Action planning sessions are designed to follow the keynote presentation.

Book Club Discussions

Interested in hosting a Generation Z Goes to College Book Club? After reading the book, Dr. Seemiller can provide participants with a facilitated discussion that explores the complexity of Generation Z.

Q & A Discussions

Dr. Seemiller is available to do a Q & A session, either one on one or on a panel, on Generation Z.

Customized Sessions

Dr. Seemiller can also customize sessions to address specific areas of interest.

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